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Academic Debt? Wait!.....What?

This pandemic has come with it's share of challenges. Keep your distance, wash your hands and wear your mask! Those fundamental practices that have the goal of keeping us safe. A school full of students, a school with a portion of students on specific days, or everyone at home learning remotely via Zoom Meetings and Google Classroom.  Nonetheless, we've been presented challenges to our typical school day. 

While the situation has been challenging, students and parents have done their best to learn and practice new materials. Teachers have met with students privately and after hours to help clarify new concepts and parents have done the work, sometimes literally, to ensure that heir child understands what is being taught. A collaborative effort to make the best of a bad situation. That work has to continue. The students doing the work.

However, some students don't show up and many do little or no work. As dj Khaled says in the commercial, " Put the work in!" You have to put forth the effort. When kids fail to get what they need, it is only going to hurt them in long run. They develop academic debt that becomes harder and harder to overcome as they get older. 

What can you do? Let me tell you.

1) Keep regular communication with your child's teacher. (phone, email, Zoom, text) 

2) Get your kids up and dressed as if they were going to the school.

3) Have your child sit somewhere quiet for class. (not bed, in a swimming pool, jumping on a trampoline, playing with the dog, watching TV, eating food etc.)

4) Let them do the work. A big part of learning is making mistakes. If you do it for them, they aren't learning it. When they can't do it without you, that is no good.

These are 4 easy steps to make sure your child is not building academic debt. We are here to help you and want you succeed more than anything. We are here for the children but they gotta do their part. As the dj says, "Put the work in!" You'll be amazed at what you can do.

 October 26 to November 8th 2020-Click Link for more Info


 Remote learning works better when we work together.Team Work

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for your support with Remote Learning. Your outstanding partnership made instruction during the first week possible  This has been a big undertaking for all of us, and it’s safe to say that we are all learning with our students. Heading into Week 2, we encourage you to think of Zoom as your child’s virtual classroom. With that in mind:

  • Students should be on time and dressed for class. 
  • Students should demonstrate attention to the instruction based on the teacher’s expectations.
  • The audio on Zoom will pick up sounds around the student. Please try to make sure that your child’s microphone is muted unless your student is responding to the class. When your student is responding with the microphone on, please make sure the background noises and conversations are appropriate for a classroom.
  • For your privacy, it is best for your student to position the camera so that your student is the only person viewable. Consider having your child sit with his back to a wall. This will limit distractions and the potential for family members unintentionally being seen by the class. 
  • There may be times when the teachers invite students to introduce a family member or pet to the class. Other than specially scheduled guests, please help keep siblings and pets out of the Zoom “classroom”.
  • Any others appearing in the Zoom should also be mindful of clothing, language and behavior that are appropriate for the classroom. 
  • Your help encouraging your student when logging on and transitioning between classes is much appreciated. During class, your child’s teacher will provide instructions and redirection as necessary. As your child becomes more independent, consider limiting your own directives so that your child is focused on the teacher. 

We appreciate your extraordinary efforts and your willingness to prioritize your child’s education. It is always our goal to continuously improve our instruction and services. Your feedback helps us to do just that, so please share your suggestions and comments with your child’s teacher privately.

 Stay Well. Stay Safe. Be Kind.













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